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Notary Services

Farmers State Bank offers notary services to help make life easier. After your documents are notarized, we’ll help you make copies and send them where they need to go. Notary services are provided free of charge for any Farmers State Bank customer. 

Documents That Need Notarized

Many important financial and legal documents require signatures to be witnessed by a notary. This helps prevent fraud and ensures that the person signing the documents understands exactly what they are signing.

Usually, documents that may need notarized include real estate, wills, powers of attorney, deeds, trusts, affidavits, and certain types of contracts.

We offer notary services during normal banking hours as a way to provide personalized customer service and more convenience, especially because of the popularity of online banking.

What to Bring

  • Bring a valid, government issued photo ID with you when you visit the bank for notary services.
  • The unsigned documents: you’ll need to sign them with the notary present.  
  • The parties involved must be together in person.
  • The money to pay the fee, if charged. 

Laws vary by state and some documents may require witnesses in addition to notarization. In some cases, a notary public might not be legally allowed to also, simultaneously, act as a signature witness. In some states, notaries may also be required to keep specific records of their notarizations.